How To Customize Your SharePoint Website – Infographic

How To Customize Your SharePoint Website - Infographic
How To Customize Your SharePoint Website

How To Customize Your Microsoft SharePoint Website

  1. Customize logo - Recommended logo size is 64px x 64px.

  2. Customize navigation - You can add, delete, or change the order or position of links on the left-hand (Quick Launch) nav, top nav, or hub nav bar.

    1. To add a new link, click the + icon that appears when you place your mouse pointer above or below a link. In the dialog box that appears, choose URL to add a custom link or choose one of the default items associated with your site. Then click OK.
    2. Edit - Changes the address and/or display name
    3. Move up - Moves the link up
    4. Move down - Moves the link down
    5. Make sub link - Makes the link a sub link of
    6. the link above it
    7. Promote sub link - Converts a sub link
    8. to a top-level link
    9. Remove - Deletes the menu item
  3. Customize theme

    1. Click On The Gear Icon > “Change the look”
    2. Select the theme you want to use and then click Apply.
    3. If selecting an out-of-the box theme, you can further customize the main and accent colors.
  4. Customize page layout - You can easily add new pages and content to your site.

    1. Click on New>Page
    2. You can add a page title and image
    3. Click the + icon on the left to add sections and columns
    4. Click the + icon in the center to add web part
  5. Customize web parts - When designing a page, you can add different elements to build unique and impactful web content.

    1. Here are some commonly used web parts
      1. Text
      2. Image
      3. Link
      4. Embed
      5. Highlighted content
      6. File viewer
      7. Many more web parts are available.
    2. To add web parts, click the + icon that appears when you hover over the page or within a section in a page.
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