Microsoft Copilot is an Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft Copilot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant that works alongside you, embedded in theMicrosoft365 apps you use daily - such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams. It analyzes data, understands context, and follows instructions to create documents, spreadsheets, or slides to boost productivity and streamline processes. Copilot learns from user preferences and work patterns to adapt over time and deliver increasingly relevant and personalized recommendations. Integrating Copilot into Microsoft 365 can significantly boost productivity, but it’s essential to establish robust data security and governance practices. We can integrate Copilot into your existing Microsoft 365 environment and provide you DataSecurity and Compliance services to protect user data, maintain trust, and ensure Copilot’s effectiveness. Please visit us here: to learn more about our AI implementation services. ArtificialIntelligence InfoSec CyberSecurity AI
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