NIH (National Institutes of Health)

Our company has completed many digital transformations over the years that included customized software solutions. One of our favorite examples is the National Institutes of Health (NIH). ChironIT successfully completed several solutions for NCATS and NIAID institutes within NIH. Our custom-built solutions have been instrumental in assisting scientists with their day-to-day activities, offering streamlined processes and tools that boost their efficiency and productivity. • Freezer: An application designed to streamline sample management and storage processes. • Covid Vaccination Tracking Tool: A tool developed to aid in tracking and managing COVID-19 vaccination data. • Instrumentation and LabShare Framework: A framework with reusable components used across multiple applications to enhance collaboration and efficiency. By leveraging our expertise, NIH optimized their operations and empowered scientists to contribute significantly in their respective fields of study. You can learn more project details, including technologies and technical implementation, by visiting the case study on our website : . ITServices CustomSoftware CustomApplications DigitalTransformation
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