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December 10th 2023

Digital Strategy Consulting Firm Chiron Helps Business Breach the Digital Divide, Boost Productivity, Achieve Growth Objectives, and Stay Competitive

Chiron is a digital strategy consulting firm that enables businesses to digitalize business processes as seamlessly as possible to improve efficiencies and drive customer satisfaction. Its add-ons to Microsoft Power Apps are available at the Microsoft store.

According to announcements released by Chiron and Alex Pollard, this digital strategy consulting firm helps businesses breach the digital divide present and avail of its many benefits. Chiron's add-ons are excellent supplements to Microsoft Power Apps tools. These add-ons are now available at the Microsoft store. The Power Apps Carousel Slider by Chiron is a valuable addition to Canvas PowerApps, providing enhanced functionality. Perfect for apps used as dashboards or for team updates, the News Slider offers an ideal solution. With the Carousel Slider, Power Apps users can effortlessly incorporate sliders into their apps, featuring background images and brief descriptions. Users can uncover more information related to the news by clicking on a slide. The sliders automatically rotate, and configuration is conveniently done within PowerApps. For more information, visit Chiron states that its Graphs and Charts is a handy add-on for Canvas PowerApps. It supports custom reporting and dynamic graphs. This powerful solution seamlessly integrates with existing Power Apps, enabling users to leverage advanced functionality and improve data visualization capabilities. With Graphs and Charts, users can create dynamic graphs and charts with built-in filtration components that refresh in real-time based on selected filters and data. The Teams Notification Bot by Chiron fosters seamless team communication. The bot is integrated with Power Automate Flow and SharePoint and empowers users to send automated notifications for important team events. Chiron's expert consultants have extensive knowledge and expertise in digital consulting and current trends. These highly skilled consultants offer invaluable guidance to businesses, aiding in selecting the most suitable digital solutions that align with their unique needs. Furthermore, they assist in crafting a comprehensive digital transformation strategy explicitly tailored to the organization. To facilitate a successful transition, Chiron's consultants excel in managing the cultural and organizational changes accompanying digital transformation. Their expertise lies in helping employees adapt to new technologies and processes by providing training, support, and relevant resources. Doing so ensures a smooth integration and acceptance of the digital changes. Recognizing the importance of risk mitigation in the transformation process, Chiron greatly emphasizes identifying potential risks and challenges associated with digital transformation. The consultants then devise effective strategies to mitigate these risks, guaranteeing a successful transformation. Alex Pollard of Chiron said, "In transforming a business to be compatible and functional within the global digital world, cultural transformation must occur. Once a business undertakes the transformation, a reluctance for cultural transformation may sometimes be the primary reason that prevents optimal change in organizational structure and, thus, favorable business outcomes. Navigating through the digital metamorphosis process is daunting for almost any business. However, failing to do so risks your business becoming obsolete. This is where the role of digital transformation consultancy services adds immense value and offers a range of benefits to organizations. We help businesses identify the areas where digitalization can have the most significant impact. By conducting thorough assessments and audits, digital transformation consultants can pinpoint improvement opportunities and map a roadmap for success. Secondly, these consultants provide expertise in implementing complex digital solutions, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and minimal disruption to operations. They also help businesses navigate data security, privacy, and compliance challenges. By embracing innovation, optimizing processes, and creating new revenue streams, businesses can fully realize the benefits of this powerful tool. A comprehensive evaluation of the organization's current state is needed to implement outcomes successfully. Once a clear understanding of the organization's current systems, processes, and culture has been determined, one can identify the opportunities for digitalization. By formulating a tailored roadmap, a business can start its journey for a successful and smooth transition and implementation thereof."

About the Company: 

Chiron IT  offers practical IT Consulting and Software Solutions designed to increase productivity and save budgets for enterprise and government institutions. The company works with clients to transform collaboration and content management processes for improved productivity and success. The experience and knowledge of CEO Alex Pollard is reflected in his latest book presentation.
Media Contact Company Name: Chiron IT Contact Person: Alex Pollard Email:  Phone: +1 (888) 333 7858 Address: 15375 Barranca Pkwy, A-207 City: Irvine State: CA Country: United States Website:

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