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November 6th 2023

Digital Transformation Firm Launches New Office In Irvine, CA

Chiron has opened a new office in Irvine, CA, to support southern California businesses. Businesses that need help with digital changes and transformation needs are well-served by the team of professionals led by Alex Pollard.

Chiron is pleased to announce that the software solutions consulting firm has opened a new office location in Irvine, CA, to serve the needs of Southern California businesses. The company is driven by a deep understanding of client’s needs and a passion for leveraging software to empower their success. The team specializes in addressing such digital transformation challenges as migrating legacy applications, ensuring data organization and governance, and creating a collaborative and connected digital workplace for employees. Chiron is focused on fostering trust and building strong customer relationships for success. Digital consulting and transformation is defined as implementing digital technology into every facet of a firm, resulting in fundamental changes in how it operates and delivers value to customers. Digital evolution is a cultural shift that requires firms to constantly challenge the status quo, experiment often, and become comfortable with failure. Chiron provides IT consulting and development of software solutions designed to save budgets and increase productivity by as much as 400% for government and enterprise institutions. Additional details are available at Chiron has a distributed team spanning the United States, including Utah, Washington DC, and California. The company is well-equipped to cater to clients' specific needs and deliver prompt solutions. The dedicated team of experts, located both onsite and remotely, strives to optimize the client's operational efficiencies and unlock the full potential of their business. Partnering with Chiron means the client can expect improved responsiveness, lasting resilience, ensured reliability, and enhanced operational effectiveness. A growing client base across the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia means the company is experienced in meeting the diverse needs of businesses worldwide. Chiron strives to provide clients with efficient and tailored solutions that drive success. Companies are invited to leverage their expertise for cloud adoption, migration, architecture, application development, managed services, and security to unlock the full potential of their business. Digital solutions can eliminate shared drives and upgrade legacy applications to organize data, lower costs, streamline processes, and create a centralized intranet for seamless communication and collaboration. A cloud-based system is crucial to reduce maintenance. Chiron offers comprehensive advice on how to adopt and optimize the needs of the organization. The team can craft a personalized plan encompassing infrastructure, platform strategy, high security, cyber resilience, and management models that work best for the client. The team of digital architects assists with accelerating innovation by constructing, uniting, and releasing new applications or refining current applications for use in the cloud. The result is flexibility, resilience, efficiency, and increased performance. The professional team supports clients in expediting updates, combinations, trials, and releases of applications, providing the client's business with value sooner while addressing business demands securely and conveniently. Chiron recognizes the challenges of any transition to the cloud and helps organizations avoid them by using established Cloud Adoption Frameworks. The cloud consultants work closely with businesses and their senior leadership, personnel, and IT teams to ensure that the cloud adoption process is efficient and cost-effective, with a swift return on investment. Chiron's cloud infrastructure managed service allows clients to evolve their day-to-day cloud operations and IT teams incrementally, progressively introducing and implementing enhanced security, governance, monitoring, and cost management over months or even years with no additional effort or cost. The digital services include content migration, mailbox, and profiles migration, version upgrades, tenant-to-tenant migration, migration from third-party apps, forms migration, and workflow migration. About the Company: Chiron is an expanding digital consulting firm based in Irvine, California. The services are available globally to assist businesses in making the transition to digital mode effortlessly. The new office location provides improved service to Southern California businesses.
Media Contact Company Name: Chiron IT Contact Person: Alex Pollard Email:  Phone: +1 (888) 333 7858 Address: 15375 Barranca Pkwy, A-207 City: Irvine State: CA Country: United States Website:

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