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Portal Development

Transforming Workflows, Empowering Success through Dynamic Portals

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Understanding your business requirements

We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and goals, ensuring that your portal is designed and developed to address unique challenges and requirements.

Transform your Business

Creating a web portal doesn’t have to be difficult. Chiron’s talented team is here to take care of all the development, deployment, and upkeep so you don’t have time worry about it.
• Expertise in web application development
• Solid understanding of business objectives
• Provide seamless integration with other systems
• Focus is on developing a usable UI/UX

Types of Portals we can help design and Deploy

Service Portals

We provide an easy way for your customers to find information about what you offer, request more details, schedule installation or service, contact your representatives, and resolve issues.
✔ Request product/service info
✔ Activate or de-activate services
✔ Schedule appointments
✔ Contact company reps

Customer Portals

We create a digital space where customers can access products, place orders, request services, share their experience.
✔ Place Orders
✔ Request Services
✔ Share Experience

Employee Portals

HR, IT, Facilities. We have a solution for all three of these.
• Submit requests through our secure system
• Manage approved requests from start to finish
• Get notifications for upcoming corporate events

Healthcare Portals

What if your patients could get access to their health records, schedule appointments, and make video visits? With our software, they can.
• Securely share PHI online
• Enable self-scheduling of appointments
• Facilitate telehealth consultations

Other Portal Solutions Chiron Offers

Chiron is a digital portal designer and innovator. Our team can design and deliver an intuitive purchasing experience by integrating e-commerce into an omnichannel retail system, enhancing procurement processes, setting up platforms for those with common interests to share knowledge and experiences, and facilitating seamless digital experiences and process automation.
• Create an intuitive purchase experience
• Enhance procurement processes
• Create a platform where people can share their knowledge and experiences
• Facilitate seamless digital experiences

Web Portal Innovations that work!

The world of web portals has changed, and Web Portal Innovations is here to help you take advantage of these innovations.
• Chatbots
• AI-powered personalization
• AR-powered user manuals
• AR-powered learning programs
• Crypto payments to enable intermediary-free transactions.

Chiron starts with an Expectional Foundation

Chiron Considers User Onboarding and Diverse User Engagement

Your solution is a complete solution. We start by designing an experience tailored to your needs, then make it easy for you. All user data is safeguarded and e-signatures are protected. You can also upload digital documents, get feedback forms, calculators, contact forms, or personalize content based on
✔ Designing a great user experience
✔ Safeguarding confidential data
✔ E-signature management
✔ Uploading digital documents

Our Process and Web Portal Solutions

Chiron’s process is a three-step process where we take a look at what you need, discuss it with you, and then give you an approach that’s best suited to your needs.
• Capture requirements
• Discuss options together
• Offer the best possible solution

Chiron Consults on Every Level

Chiron Consulting Services has been providing full-service portal development for over a decade. This includes everything from planning, designing, deploying, and maintaining portals – plus consulting.
• Planning – gather user and business needs
• Designing – craft a business case
• Deploying – create a high-performance architecture
• Maintaining – deliver UX/UI mockups

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