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Navigate the Cloud with Confidence. Trust our proven expertise in cloud adoption to propel your business to new heights.

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Looking to leverage the cloud adoption?

We help you transition an organization’s IT infrastructure, applications, and services from on-premises environments to cloud-based solutions. Migrating data, applications, and workloads to cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and leveraging the benefits of cloud computing, including scalability, flexibility, cost-efficiency, and enhanced collaboration.

Cloud adoption enables your organization to leverage cloud services to meet your business needs, improve agility, and accelerate innovation!

Improve Scalability, Data, Lower Costs, and Risk!

Chiron recognizes the challenges of any transition to the cloud and helps organizations to avoid them by using established Cloud Adoption Frameworks. Our cloud consultants work closely with you and your senior leadership, personnel, and IT team to ensure that the cloud adoption process is efficient and cost-effective, with a swift return on investment.

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Influential Flexibility, Reliability Recilliance, Efficiency, and Increased performance

Our team of cloud architects helps your business accelerate innovation by constructing, uniting, and releasing new applications or refining current applications for use in the cloud. Our demonstrated know-how allows us to support you in expediting updates, trials, combinations, and releases of your applications, providing your business with value sooner and allowing you to address business demands conveniently and securely.

Take Advantage of User Adoption and ensure core business functions

Leveraging our extensive knowledge in cloud migration, you will enable your organization to access the essential resources for evaluating, transferring, and utilizing cloud computing with expediency. Moreover, our change management and user adoption strategies help maintain optimal functioning and ease of access to essential business operations during the cloud migration process. This includes Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Platform (GP) and Office 365 Content Migrations

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Do you have a Microsoft 365 Migration Request?

When migrating to Microsoft 365 and SharePoint online documents, files, and permissions from an old version of SharePoint to the latest one, it requires more than just moving content, structure, permissions, alerts, and target audience. Tenant-to-tenant migration also involves transferring structures, content, and authorizations from one environment to another.

Our services include:
• Content Migration
• Mailbox and Profiles migration
• Version Upgrades
• Tenant-to-tenant migration
• Migration from third-party apps
• Forms Migration InfoPath, Nintex Forms on-prem to PowerApps or Nintex forms online
• Workflows migration

Focus and scale incrementally with us

With Chiron’s cloud infrastructure managed service, you can evolve your day-to-day cloud operations and IT teams incrementally, progressively introducing and implementing enhanced Security, governance, monitoring, and cost management over months or even years with no additional effort or cost.

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Experience that is Tested and Proven

Our team can provide you with a cloud solution that is both resilient and efficient, one that has been custom-made to meet the needs of your company. Our proficiency in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and other cloud platforms is comparable and, in most cases, unmatched.

Utilize our Azure consulting services – from strategy through migration, deployment, security, and more. With our expertise, you’ll be able to adopt Azure confidently.
• Azure Active Directory (AD) management
• AD Federation set up
• Application registrations
• Rapidly scale services
• Enterprise-grade security solutions
• VMs configuration
• Azure SQL Databases maintenance

Best Practices and Comprehensive Threat Analytics

Chiron adopts best practices and comprehensive threat analytics to strengthen the security of cloud networks. We utilize solutions like Azure Security Center and AWS Security Hub to enable you to meet your specific security and governance requirements.

Adapting to evolving consumer and competitive market dynamics.

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Benefits of our Cloud Services

Our Cloud Services provide the fastest way to get up and run in a flexible, easy-to-use, scalable, secure cloud environment.
Solve everyday problems for your customer base:

• Save time when provisioning new servers by 50% or more.
• Improve the efficiency of their staff by reducing administrative tasks by 30%.
• Reduce IT costs by 50%.

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