What Are The Pros And Cons Of Microsoft Sharepoint Online?

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Microsoft Sharepoint Online?
Plenty of small businesses all around the world completely rejoice for Microsoft Office 365. You’re able to create documents, and use some of the best-known programs in the Office suite such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. It’s a great choice for small businesses, and each of the programs included in Office 365 has a lot of functionality to it. But one question that tends to come up is the Office 365 counterparts, particularly SharePoint Online. It’s known for being similar to Office 365 but there are some differences to it as well. Is it suitable for both big and small businesses? What are the pros and cons of Microsoft SharePoint? Continue reading on to learn about it all.

What is SharePoint Online?

SharePoint Online is a cloud-based, collaborative platform that provides an easy way to share and store company information. This platform is used by companies of all sizes. Some use it because they don’t want to invest in the infrastructure required for SharePoint on-premises. Others use it because they don’t have the IT resources to manage SharePoint on-premises or they need collaboration features not available with SharePoint on-premises.

What Are the Features of SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is the latest version of SharePoint. It has multiple features, for example, it has a modern UI and it integrates with Office 365 and OneDrive for Business. The Microsoft SharePoint platform is a business-focused solution that provides collaboration, content management, and teamwork capabilities to organizations. For an array of businesses, this is the preferred tool.

Why is SharePoint the Software of Choice for Many Organizations?

SharePoint is the perfect solution for organizations that need to collaborate and share information. SharePoint allows for document collaboration, content management, and enterprise search. SharePoint is a software platform for storing documents and files in the cloud. It's also a collaboration tool that can be used by multiple people across different devices to work on the same document at the same time.

The Benefits Of Using Microsoft SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is an online collaboration software that is designed to help teams collaborate. It can be used on a variety of devices and has a mobile app and integrations with other Microsoft products.

SharePoint Online has a mobile app

SharePoint Online mobile app has added so much flexibility to work. You no longer need to be attached to a computer to access important files. Instead, thanks to the flexibility of the mobile app, you can be anywhere at any time and use SharePoint.

SharePoint Online is available on multiple devices

Unlike traditional office tools such as Office 365, you have the option to easily access your important files or collaborate with projects from multiple devices. Whether you’re wanting to opt into a mobile device such as your phone or desktop, you can do it all.

SharePoint Online integrates with other Microsoft products

Unlike other Microsoft tools, SharePoint Online integrates the rest. So you don’t have to feel stuck trying to decide whether to choose one or the other. It’s agreeable that each Microsoft product brings something special to the table that helps out businesses. Now, thanks to seamless integration through IT help, you’ll have all your Microsoft products linked to your SharePoint Online account in no time.

What are the Disadvantages of Using Microsoft SharePoint Online?

While Microsoft SharePoint offers plenty of great things to the table for businesses, it’s important to realize that even this has some disadvantages that should be addressed. It’s important so you can be aware of it before making your decision to use it for your business. Some disadvantages of using Microsoft SharePoint Online are:

Limited storage space

No matter what size your business is, chances are you’re going to need to store a lot of important data, right? Well, this can be a problem for companies with large amounts of data to store and share. SharePoint Online has this as a limit ability.

Security risks

Essentially, all platforms or software is at risk in some form or another. The possibility that hackers could break into your system and steal data or delete files. Of course, you can hire managed services to assist you, but in general, security concerns are just a major concern.

The cost

The use of Microsoft SharePoint Online can be high depending on how much you need to store and share. SharePoint Online offers many benefits, like the ability to work remotely and collaborate with colleagues outside of your organization and access your files from any device you have access to. Just like any other software that’s available on the market, there are going to be some pros and cons to it. So it’s going to be entirely up to each individual and each business to determine whether or not this is worth investing in.
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