What Is Sharepoint Used For In Healthcare?

What Is Sharepoint Used For In Healthcare?
As a healthcare provider, you want to make your systems as streamlined and efficient as possible. This helps you to give both your staff and your patients a much easier and better experience A large part of this is utilizing the digital tools you have on hand and using them to your advantage. Due to the strictly confidential nature of healthcare information, it is vital that information is always protected and as such there are tight regulations and rules around IT.  One handy tool is SharePoint and this is becoming ever more popular due to its ease of collaboration and management for policies and other aspects within the healthcare environment. Here we take a look at what SharePoint is used for in healthcare and how it can help you.

What is SharePoint?

Put simply, SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that is part of Microsoft Office. It was first launched over twenty years ago in 2001 and has evolved greatly in this time to be one of the most relied on products in workplaces. One of the most significant battles when working in Healthcare is having to share documents with others, or if you are working from a different computer. You don't want to have to always carry around a memory stick or have to email your work to yourself and others. SharePoint makes collaborative work and accessing your documents a lot easier

What is SharePoint Used for In Healthcare?

There are many uses for SharePoint in the healthcare industry and we explore just a few of them below.

To track work activities and schedules

Keeping track of what everyone does in the healthcare industry can be a bit of a minefield. People often do different, irregular shifts and don’t know who is on shift when. If you are taking over from someone after their shift, SharePoint can help keep you up to date with any information you might need to know about a patient.

To share news and information

From staff hirings and who is leaving, to events and important information, SharePoint can be a valuable way to tell everyone what is going on.

To keep on top of documents

Sharing documents is vital and SharePoint enables a quick and efficient way for specific people to be able to access certain files whenever they might need to.

To assist with delivering training

Training can take a lot of time and energy, but SharePoint can be used to help with effective delivery of this and to follow up with notes after.

As a help desk to raise tickets and requests to other departments

Whether you need to contact maintenance to repair a machine or need help on a ward, SharePoint can be used to request this help

To keep policies in a managed place

Policies are vital and SharePoint can keep them safe, secure and backed up in an easy to access location These are just a few ways that SharePoint can be used in healthcare. SharePoint is a highly intelligent and comprehensive system that shouldn’t be underestimated. To find out more about SharePoint and how it can be used for your healthcare company, please get in touch with us today. We would love to help.
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