What to Expect from a SharePoint Consulting Company?

What to Expect from a SharePoint Consulting Company?

Hundreds of thousands of offices globally, including many Fortune 500 companies, use SharePoint every day. The need for a SharePoint consulting company is at an all time high. SharePoint is marketed as a collaboration app that integrates with Microsoft, but it's much more:


  • Collaboration
  • Custom web integration
  • Increased workflow
  • Secure document management and storage
  • Business empowerment

At Chiron IT, we can accelerate your business growth, focusing on user experience and web-based collaboration by developing a solid and secure IT infrastructure.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint integrates with Microsoft Office for web-based collaboration between multiple parties at a basic level. Launched in 2001, companies primarily used it for document management. However, SharePoint is highly configurable, and each organization can use it for many different things, like creating websites. SharePoint can also store, share, organize, and access information wherever you go. In addition, because it is web-based, all you need is a compatible web browser, such as FireFox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

Private Intranet

Our intranet portals are built with SharePoint Online, Microsoft Office 365, and SharePoint On-Premises for a secure and collaborative web system. You can use your company intranet to share company news, in-house procedures, and special reports. An intranet differs from the internet in that no one outside the private network can access it. SharePoint comes with excellent intranet system templates. However, we can design and develop a bespoke intranet system based on your requirements with enhanced features for collaboration.

Intuitive Web Apps

As a SharePoint consultant, we specialize in complex projects such as developing CI/CD-enabled web solutions using industry-standard packages. A professional SharePoint consulting company uses well-known and specialized programming languages and frameworks like Docker, .Js, .Ts, Angular 2+, C#, .Net, and SQL. These robust systems are excellent for developing web apps with many of the standard features modern companies expect. These include extensive data volume handling, database queries, and virtualization.

Comprehensive Reporting Solutions

Using the powerful tools of SharePoint, your preferred consulting company can develop reporting solutions. However, we can offer a complete reporting solution built with Power BI, Report Builder, Tableau, and JavaScript. Using these tools in creative and visionary ways, we can manage data from multiple sources. From there, accurate modeling and algorithms allow us to unify data to make it accessible and easy to understand. Then, analytically, you can make actionable decisions for driving your business forward using such data.

Rapid Development

Even some of the most used industry-standard software packages can be challenging for some to use effectively. Your chosen SharePoint consultant will develop a system around your user requirements rather than their own. Using OutSystems low code platform, we can build custom software and frameworks with an enhanced and easy-to-use interface. Implementation of the UI is quick and powerful, sometimes up to ten times faster. Making us an excellent choice for rapid development, so your apps can go straight to your users or customers alike.

What to Expect from a SharePoint Consulting Company?

If you don’t know what to expect from a SharePoint consulting company, the goal of any good consultant is to provide you with comprehensive solutions in the shortest possible time. This helps with sticking to your budget and using the least amount of time and resources. Fortunately, the power of SharePoint allows those who can effectively use it to develop powerful apps rapidly. However, although you can develop apps quickly with SharePoint, the quality is by no means less adequate. Your consultant can roll out reliable frameworks with needed security.

Bespoke Solutions

Most consultants offer solutions using SharePoint's existing templates. While these are great if you have limited funds, they won't always meet your requirements. And if you need something more versatile and robust, templates just don't cut it. So rather than an off-the-shelf solution, we offer bespoke packages that meet your needs. First, we can help you identify what your company will benefit from through a requirements analysis stage. Then, when you are happy to move forward, we will get to work on your tailor-made intranet, database, or collaboration app.

Complete Network Systems

Not all SharePoint consultancies offer the same kind of solutions. Some provide network configurations, others provide hosting solutions, and a few give both. Make sure you know what's best for your company, then find a SharePoint consulting company that can help. There are some critical questions about how your consultant will host the system and how it will affect the rest of your IT infrastructure. Chiron's System Administration services provide installation, management, and support for Linux and Windows operating systems servers.

Top-Notch Security

Security is paramount in the modern world. SharePoint consultants need to understand the security requirements within your company. With Office 365's Security and Compliance Center, all your data should be secure. You can apply policies, report generation, and activity logs using our services and assign user access permissions. We can implement email and document policies that trigger protective actions when content is accessed for added security. And you can set up notification alerts for monitoring specific user tasks in Office 365.

Enhanced User Experience

A trending topic in software and web development is the user experience with a streamlined user interface, known as UX and UI, respectively. Unfortunately, many companies roll out expensive new systems, and users don't like them. This is because developers often create systems based on their knowledge rather than the intended audience's needs. Given SharePoint's easy-to-use and highly customizable app interface, this is unforgivable. At Chiron, we have experienced UI and UX designers that understand for whom your apps are built.

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