Does Sharepoint Require Coding?

Whether you’re running a large scale business or a small start up, you need to ensure that your business is using the right software from the outset. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve been considering or getting started with some Microsoft products and are considering Microsoft SharePoint. Here at Chiron, we are specialists in Microsoft 365 and all its applications, so can help you on this journey! Here’s some information on SharePoint and whether it requires coding.

What Is SharePoint and Is It Right for Your Business?

Microsoft SharePoint is essentially a form of intranet that you can use to organize and store your business’ data. Used by over 200,000 organizations and 190 million people across the world, the most common benefits of SharePoint include file sharing - the clue is in the name. You can share files between individuals, groups, internal contacts, external contacts and anyone else you want to collaborate with on projects. If you’re looking for a tool that will provide your workspace with seamless professional collaboration, SharePoint could be the solution for you. It is easily customizable and can store all of your data and resources in one, easy to find location. This ensures that all employees are able to find what they want, when they need it. SharePoint can also be integrated with a host of other Microsoft applications, making it extremely versatile. Whether you need to manage workflows, BI or anything else, SharePoint will help you and others within your organization to achieve your professional goals.

Does SharePoint Require Coding?

SharePoint does not strictly require coding to build workplace intranets within its platform. However, it is always good to have coding professionals on board when first setting up. This will help to ensure that your intranet contains everything that you need it to. Some languages that are compatible within SharePoint include:


.NET is what SharePoint is based around, so if you want any custom development work carried out, you will need an in-depth knowledge of the .NET syntax in order to experience success.


Knowledge of JavaScript is another beneficial perk to look for when setting up your SharePoint with a Microsoft specialist. An understanding of Javascript’s frameworks and libraries comes in really useful when running scripts when you are trying to create customized processes.


If you’re unfamiliar with “C#”, it is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm programming language” that runs on .NET. It’s a good piece of wisdom for any SharePoint developer to have in their toolkit.


If you’re looking to create features within SharePoint that users will interact with when using web applications, you will need a professional in CSS and HTML. This can impact how the workspace looks and allow you to brand your SharePoint. Sure, SharePoint can technically operate without coding, but coding is what will make this software the best it can be for your business. Our team at Chiron has everything it takes to code your SharePoint. Contact us to learn more or to receive a custom quote for our specialist SharePoint services.
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