What Are The Pros And Cons Of Microsoft Sharepoint?

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Microsoft Sharepoint?
Here at Chiron, we know that businesses can benefit greatly from having the right software available to them. Of course, you’re going to want to make sure that you choose the right software the first time around to avoid wasting the time and money spent on implementing new applications and processes within your team. If you’re considering Microsoft SharePoint, here’s some key information, as well as pros and cons to consider!

What Is Microsoft Sharepoint?

If you’re not familiar with Microsoft SharePoint, you may be wondering what it actually is. Put simply, Microsoft Sharepoint is a website-based collaboration system, designed to help teams work together. It makes good use of workflow applications and list databases to provide business teams with the tools that they need to work together effectively. If you’re looking for a way to help your teams collaborate, as well as a platform that automates workflow processes and provides you with control over business information and data entailed in these processes, SharePoint could be a good solution for you. There is also a cloud version of Sharepoint available, called SharePoint Online. This functions in the same way as Microsoft SharePoint, but also provides the additional ability to integrate your business’ SharePoint with other cloud applications, such as Office 365 or other software with a Microsoft 365 license.

The Pros of SharePoint

Of course, if you’re considering investing in SharePoint, you’re going to want to know if it’s worth not only the money entailed in purchasing access to it, but also the time it will take to familiarize your team with the software. Here are some of the pros to take into consideration.
  • Collaboration - sure, individual brilliance is admirable in an employee, but your team are going to have to work together to push your business in the right direction. Microsoft SharePoint really encourages employee engagement, participation and collaboration across your teams. We provide a service that will build a collaboration workspace including direct messages, video call, schedule meetings and much more.
  • Productivity - we all want to streamline business processes. When you pair Microsoft SharePoint with Microsoft Office, multiple employees can edit documents in real-time at the same time. Team members can also use SharePoint to generate links to documents to share with colleagues.
  • Integration - as we briefly mentioned above, Microsoft SharePoint can be easily integrated with other Microsoft Office 365 cloud products, including OnePoint and Teams.
  • Data Security - Microsoft is a major corporation that provides advanced security and protection. SharePoint uses top-quality encryption and also offers two factor authentication.
  • Customization - your team can customize SharePoint to meet their needs. From branding to automation, custom forms and so much more, this is software that can be tailored for your business. There are also a wide range of plug-ins available from third party companies to meet additional needs that your business may have.

The Cons of Sharepoint

  • Setting Up - setting up a collaborative workspace in SharePoint can be complex, as you need to integrate a number of cloud based platforms. You can however, use our expertise at Chiron to assist with this.
  • Customization - customization can also be difficult to implement, as you need a clear vision of what you want and which plug-ins will help you to achieve this. We are, of course, happy to help with this too if you require assistance.
As you can see, SharePoint really does have a lot to offer businesses of all sizes and in a variety of industries. If you’d like any further information about SharePoint, our team will be happy to discuss it further with you. Contact us and we’ll be able to assist you further!
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