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Custom-built solutions for NCATS and NIAID institutes within NIH. Helping scientists with day-to-day activities.

Chiron successfully completed a project for the NCATS and NIAID institutes within the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Our custom-built solutions have been instrumental in assisting scientists with their day-to-day activities, offering streamlined processes and tools that boost their efficiency and productivity. By leveraging our expertise, we have enabled the institutes to optimize their operations and empower scientists to make significant contributions to their respective fields of study.

  • 5

    Number of developed applications as a part of unified Framework

  • 4X

    Faster approach to place orders and book required equipment using web-browser

  • 3.4PB+

    of data analyzed and stored across multiple applications with a convenient interface to manage and analyze all records

  • Chiron’s team worked together with Axle Informatics to fulfill project requirements

    We successfully completed a multi-year project, delivering a range of custom applications for the NCATS and NIAID institutes. The project involved the development of various applications and the formation of dedicated teams to ensure efficient and high-quality delivery:

    • Freezer: An application designed to streamline sample management and storage processes.

    • Covid Vaccination Tracking Tool: A tool developed to aid in tracking and managing COVID-19 vaccination data.

    • Instrumentation and LabShare Framework: A framework with reusable components used across multiple applications to enhance collaboration and efficiency.

    Developers were spread across multiple teams

    • Authentication Team: A specialized team focused on implementing secure authentication and access control mechanisms.

    • Back-end Team: A team responsible for developing the backend infrastructure and functionality of the applications.

    • Front-end Team (led by Chiron): A dedicated team led by Chiron to handle the frontend development, ensuring intuitive user interfaces and seamless user experiences.

    • UI/UX Team: A team of experts focused on designing visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces.

    • Security Team: A team responsible for implementing robust security measures to safeguard sensitive data and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

    Throughout the project, Chiron worked closely with the institutes, leveraging its expertise in custom application development to enhance day-to-day operations and facilitate scientific research.

  • Tracking and Reserving Lab Resources: Addressing Challenges with the Freezer and Instrumentation Applications

    Freezer application was solving the problem of tracking what freezers are available for scientists to use to run their lab tests and preserve results.

    Instrumentation application, on the other hand, helped scientists to reserve equipment needed for tests and book it beforehand. As there were multiple apps, the needed development team came up with the Framework of reusable components and services that could be seamlessly integrated into different applications within the eco-system.

  • Streamlined Lab Operations. Enhanced Efficiency with the Freezer, Instrumentation, and Covid Applications

    Applications were developed and published on internal NIH servers to allow NIH staff to access them via browser and do freezers and equipment booking. The Covid application allowed users to schedule vaccinations and guide them through the process as well as help managers track the status of vaccinated employees and contractors. All of the applications were linked back to the Intranet site, where NIH staff could find links, documentation and FAQs.

  • Technical Stack: Angular, Node.js, C#, Databases, SharePoint, and IDP Integration in Application Development

    • The application’s front end was developed using Angular

    • The back end varied depending on the application but primarily was Node.js and C#

    • Both relational and non-relational databases were used like MySQL, MS SQL, Mongo DB

    • Some application were available on a SharePoint and used lists and libraries to pull up and store infromation

    • Variety of IDPs were connected to work with OAuth 2.0

Project Snapshots

Please find below some of examples of various applications that were developed over the course of our engagement.
CureShare, Authentication Module, Instrumentation, Covid-svc, myRTB

  • Home page of the Cure Share portal with apps available from it
    Home page of the Cure Share portal with apps available from it
  • Home page of the Cure Share portal with apps available from it
    Home page of the Cure Share portal with apps available from it
  • Custom Authentication module for NIH apps with various IDPs
    Custom Authentication module for NIH apps with various IDPs
  • Covid-svc application Dashboard view
    Covid-svc application Dashboard view
  • Instrumentation application view
    Instrumentation application view
  • Dashboard view of the MyRTB application
    Dashboard view of the MyRTB application
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