What are the Responsibilities of a SharePoint Support Person?

What are the Responsibilities of a Sharepoint Support Person?

To understand what clients need and find the best way to satisfy their needs, support is always listening to what they have to say. You should contact a Sharepoint support person at any time since the priority is to assist clients through shared experiences, including:

  • Level escalation
  • SharePoint installation
  • Network management
  • Ongoing technical support

The goal of support is to provide the best possible service by continuously improving through problem-solving skills. In addition, support should send updates to customers using systems like Scrum.

What is Sharepoint?

A basic integration between Microsoft Office and SharePoint enables web-based collaboration between multiple parties. SharePoint was introduced in 2001, and companies primarily used it to manage documents. However, SharePoint is highly customizable, and each organization can use it for various activities, such as intranet development, among others. SharePoint can also be used anywhere due to its web-based nature. All you need is a compatible web browser, such as FireFox, Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome.

How a Sharepoint Support Person Can Help


So, what are the responsibilities of a SharePoint support person? The answer varies by project. However, there are common goals. A Sharepoint support person is responsible for following the installation, configuration, and management of SharePoint systems, with technical support when required.

There are three levels of SharePoint support. Beginning with Level 1, each issue is escalated to the next level if a team member cannot resolve it at the current level.

  • Level 1: responsible for frequent minor issues like user access and file issues.
  • Level 2: accountable for server issues, network admin, and design and development.
  • Level 3: provides support for critical issues with active preventative maintenance.

Issues typically begin at Level 1 and are transferred based on the critical nature of the problem or expertise required. Level 3 support staff typically manage and optimize SharePoint farms.

Installation of Tools

System Administration at Chiron focuses on Windows and Linux server installation, management, and support. Our services also provide installation, configuration, management, patching, backup, and recovery planning. In addition to providing technical support, SharePoint administration also includes troubleshooting and immediately responding to issues.

Operation Management

Microsoft SharePoint is web-based, so complete support for managing and supporting local and wide area networks is necessary. In either environment, on-site or remote, we operate and monitor our own networks and the networks of others. So you can count on us to keep your network running smoothly and at optimal performance.

Proficient Support

You can always reach us via email, phone, or chat if you have any issues. Whatever your location, our technical help desk solutions offer personalized 24/7 support. Our goal is to ensure profitability and customer satisfaction by resolving issues as soon as possible. Our experience and technological know-how ensure the best results possible.

Get Support Today

Our ongoing support for our SharePoint systems clients includes assisting with installation, configuration, and management, as well as providing 24/7 technical support.For all your support queries, get in touch to find out what we can do for you. Our supported sectors include healthcare, finance, education, real estate, media, and transportation.

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