What is Microsoft Power Platform?

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Market conditions are ever-changing and this keeps organizations on their toes. They are always looking to innovate their workflow to stay in business in the face of competition and regulatory and supply chain uncertainty. One of the ways they achieve this is by using Microsoft Power Platform to automate routine tasks and develop enterprise applications that drive new business functions. In this article, Chiron IT leverages its expertise to provide an inside scoop into Power Platform, what it is, and what is included in this service that has kept the IT world abuzz over the past few years.

What is MS Power Platform?

Microsoft Power Platform is the latest SaaS (Software as a Service) suite of user-friendly tools and services that actualizes the work processes an organization ideates. Every day, organizations in the manufacturing, banking, and energy sectors are inundated with an avalanche of information from a multitude of sources. Upon recognizing that the key to increased profitability lies in uncovering and acting on this tremendous data flow, they use the Power Platform suite to optimize their data for insights and greater operational efficiency. Whether it be building effective chatbots, creating custom apps, or automating repetitive workflows, these low to no-code applications make up the next generation of IT solutions in business. Although these solutions were unimaginable a decade ago, these tools are fast becoming an enterprise team's favorite as they can foster business efficiency without requiring the coding skills of a programmer.

What Is Included In Power Platform?

This platform helps businesses realize their digital transformation vision via four main components:
  • Power BI - a business analytics toolkit that enables businesses to visualize information in real time.
  • Power Apps - an application development system for creating low to no-code apps.
  • Power Automate - for process automation and data unification across related enterprise applications.
  • Power Virtual Agents - for the creation of smart virtual bots that automate customer interaction.
Power Platform's low-code data integration innovations can integrate seamlessly with existing cloud services in the Microsoft ecosystem such as Office 365 and Dynamics 365 CRM to help businesses improve ROI from cloud systems already in deployment.

Main Components of Power Platform - Summarized

The four main components of the Microsoft Power Platform and how they work are understood better by examining the fundamentals. Microsoft Power Platform - Chiron IT Articles  

Power BI

This is a popular data analytics platform where the user is served real-time interactive insights to help them get the most out of their raw datasets. The visualization capabilities so delivered make for a more consolidated view through a single-glass dashboard. Enterprise-level users use Power BI to transform data such as the number of sales or revenue generated into visually stimulating reports. Whether you need to analyze consumer trends or glean key performance indicators, Power BI helps you make data-driven decisions through the actionable insights it reveals. Power BI is not restricted to the Microsoft environment. It integrates well with other Cloud-based business solutions like IBM Cloud, Salesforce, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Not many systems can perform such sophisticated and complete integration.

Power Apps

This is a low to no-code app development platform that comes with a plethora of ready-made templates that equip both citizen developers and professional developers with tools to create apps suited to their unique requirements. If you're looking to build an app for a specific business process such as inventory tracking, ticketing, or task delegation, Power Apps allows you to integrate data engines such as SQL and Microsoft Azure so that you can draw from diverse data sources for insight generation, optimization, and better decision-making.

Power Automate

Power Automate eliminates the drudgery of performing recurring tasks across various applications and services through synchronized digital workflow management processes to improve operational efficiency. Streamlining your work processes with Power Automate means you can send email notifications to your prospects whenever they submit a new form, set trigger responses or actions, and synchronize data between different enterprise applications. It comes with a graphic dashboard, allowing maneuverability by a wide band of users.

Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents is a key component of the Microsoft Power Platform, enabling businesses to create sophisticated chatbots easily. Power Virtual Agents efficiently manage customer interactions by delivering prompt answers to frequent questions, resolving issues, and automating routine tasks — all without the need for extensive coding expertise. These bots seamlessly integrate with other Power Platform services, such as Power Automate, enabling them to initiate workflows and execute actions based on user interactions. This integration boosts operational efficiency and enhances customer satisfaction, making Power Virtual Agents an invaluable tool for businesses looking to elevate their customer service and optimize their resources.

Chiron IT and the Power Platform

Chiron IT offers Power Platform Consulting Services as a main component of its overall IT Consulting Services.  We have a team of Power Platform Consultants who are experts in all four areas of the platform.  It doesn't matter if the situation calls for Data Analytics, Business Processes, Digital Workflows, Data Synchronization, or Virtual Agents - the Power Platform and Chiron IT can provide the solution that enterprises and large government entities need for adaptation to a changing world. In addition to services and personnel, Chiron IT has also developed standardized apps for the power platform that anyone can use to enhance functionality in any Power App situation.  Chiron IT has developed a Dynamics Charts App, which allows end users to customize graphs with real-time data.  There’s also an App that creates an information carousel to rotate any type of information on slides - for a visually appealing effect called Slider & News Carousel. More information on Chiron IT and their MS Power Platform services and products can be found at