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Portal and Automated business process for the Disaster Recovery Team (CVS EDR)

Chiron’s team collaborated with Sungards on a project to assist CVS’s Disaster Recovery team. The objective was to develop a solution for the annual disaster recovery process exercise and results tracking tool. Over a span of two years, the project unfolded, with the initial phase completed within eight months. Subsequent support and feature enhancements were provided to ensure the solution’s continued effectiveness. Chiron worked closely with the CVS Disaster Recovery team to gather requirements and implement a robust and scalable solution that streamlined the disaster recovery process and provided comprehensive tracking of exercise results.

  • 300%

    Optimized and saved time on the routine tasks and applications maintenance

  • 150+

    Applications disaster recovery processes pulled together into one user-friendly tracking platform

  • 42%+

    Increased trust in the application recovery process in case of the emergency situations

  • Chiron collaborated with Sungards to address a critical challenge faced by CVS's Disaster Recovery team: the need for a robust solution to streamline their annual disaster recovery process and track results effectively.

    With a focus on delivering an innovative solution, the team leveraged SharePoint Online, custom SPFX solutions, and integration with Exchange and third-party applications. The resulting centralized dashboard empowered the team to initiate and manage the exercise process, track application status, and capture results seamlessly, revolutionizing their disaster recovery management practices.

  • Relying on manual email communication and a sprawling Excel file shared among numerous stakeholders, the process lacked efficiency and visibility.

    The CVS Disaster Recovery team encountered significant difficulties in their annual process of tracking disaster recovery exercises and results. The decentralized nature of the system made it challenging to consolidate and track results accurately, hindering effective disaster recovery management.

  • The solution improved efficiency, enhanced visibility, and facilitated effective disaster recovery management for CVS.

    To address the challenges faced by the CVS Disaster Recovery team, Chiron’s team implemented a dedicated SharePoint online site as a centralized solution. A custom SPFX application was developed to streamline and automate the annual exercise process and results tracking. With the new system, team members could initiate exercises, track application ownership, receive automated notifications, capture test results, and view comprehensive status dashboards.

  • Integration with Exchange and third-party applications was achieved using REST APIs.

    • SharePoint Online was used as the platform to host the application.
    • Data was stored and managed in SharePoint lists and libraries.
    • Automation was implemented using Microsoft Power Automate Flows and custom JavaScript code.
    • The application’s front end was developed using Reac

Project Snapshots

Below you can find examples of the Main Dashboards, along with some forms and screens developed as the part of the application

  • CVS EDR Main Dashboard
    CVS EDR Main Dashboard
  • EDR process Emails configuration with dynamic parameters
    EDR process Emails configuration with dynamic parameters
  • EDR Process form
    EDR Process form
  • EDR process Archived items Dashboard
    EDR process Archived items Dashboard
  • EDR Process User access request form
    EDR Process User access request form
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  • slide
  • slide
  • slide
  • slide
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