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Privacy Portal and Help Center for Truist bank

As a key player in the project, Chiron collaborated with multiple teams, including Guardians, Awesome Awangers, and Privacy Pirates, to deliver a comprehensive solution. With a strong focus on UI and API implementation, Chiron worked closely with business users, product owners, and UI/UX experts to ensure that the Privacy and Help Center portals aligned with the specific requirements of the banking industry, enhancing the overall online banking experience.

As a result of Chiron’s efforts, Truist Bank users enjoyed a seamless online banking experience with updated modules and enhanced functionality across the web portal, mobile app, and online banking platforms. The Privacy and Help Center portals successfully integrated into the existing infrastructure, providing a user-friendly and secure environment for all customers.

  • 3x

    Improved Customer Experience: The privacy portal and help center provided customers with easy access to important information, resources, and assistance, enhancing their overall banking experience.

  • $7.4M+

    Cost Savings. Empowering customers to resolve common queries through self-service options, the bank reduced operational costs associated with support staff and call centers.

  • 100%

    Enhanced Security and Compliance. The privacy portal ensures that customers' sensitive information is securely managed and protected in accordance with regulatory requirements.

  • Throughout the engagement, Chiron successfully delivered on multiple fronts, undertaking at least three major projects to enhance the bank's digital ecosystem.

    Over the course of the 3-year project with Truist bank, Chiron’s dedicated team collaborated closely with various departments within the organization, particularly those based in the bustling Atlanta offices.

    • Firstly, Chiron revamped the Intranet portal using the powerful Unily platform, streamlining internal communications, and providing employees with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
    • Secondly, the team embarked on the ambitious development of a Privacy Portal, ensuring that Truist bank complied with stringent regulatory requirements while enabling users to access critical information securely. The portal was successfully launched to the bank’s clientele by the end of 2023.
    • As part of the comprehensive improvement plan, Chiron also worked on enhancing the Help Center and Bank side admin tools, bolstering the efficiency of customer support services and internal operations. The focus of these initiatives centered around front-end development and seamless API integration, optimizing performance and providing a seamless experience across multiple platforms.

    Leveraging Truist bank’s server infrastructure hosted on AWS, Chiron delivered a robust and scalable solution that seamlessly integrated into the bank’s existing ecosystem. The positive business outcomes of these projects were manifold – customers enjoyed a more enriched and personalized banking experience, bolstered by a wider range of features and functionalities. The bank, in turn, significantly improved its ability to stay abreast of regulatory changes, ensuring compliance and data security for its valued clientele.

    In essence, the collaborative efforts of Chiron and Truist bank resulted in an elevated user experience, operational efficiency, and technological advancement that cemented Truist’s position as a forward-thinking and customer-centric financial institution.

  • The main problem that Chiron addressed during this project with Truist bank was the need to modernize and enhance their digital ecosystem.

    Truist bank sought to improve their internal communication and collaboration by revamping the Intranet portal.

    Additionally, they needed to comply with stringent regulatory requirements, necessitating the development of a Privacy Portal to safeguard sensitive user data.

    Furthermore, the bank aimed to enhance customer support and streamline internal processes through the improvements made to the Help Center and Bank side admin tools. The overarching goal was to provide customers with a more enriched and personalized banking experience while ensuring regulatory compliance and data security.

  • Customers were delighted with the enhanced services and features, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    The solution provided by Chiron for Truist bank involved a comprehensive approach to address the various challenges.

    For the Intranet portal, Chiron implemented the Unily platform, which brought modern collaboration and communication tools to enhance the internal employee experience. This enabled seamless knowledge sharing and improved team collaboration.

    To comply with regulatory laws, Chiron developed the Privacy Portal, ensuring that Truist bank could securely manage user data and meet data privacy requirements. The Privacy Portal allowed users to access and control their data, and it provided the necessary transparency to demonstrate compliance.

    For the Help Center and Bank side admin tools, Chiron worked on enhancing the user interface and functionality, providing users with an intuitive and user-friendly experience when seeking support or assistance. These enhancements streamlined internal processes, making it easier for bank staff to provide efficient customer support.

    As a result of these efforts, Truist bank experienced significant improvements in user experience, data privacy compliance, and operational efficiency.

  • The technical implementation of the project was carried out using AWS, Angular, and TypeScript, with data being stored in SQL databases.

    Chiron’s team collaborated closely with the back-end and security teams to ensure seamless integration and robust security measures. Additionally, we provided assistance with the DevOps process, facilitating smooth releases and quarterly deployments.

    By leveraging AWS’s cloud infrastructure, the solution achieved scalability and high availability, ensuring reliable performance even during peak usage. The use of Angular and TypeScript allowed for the development of modern and responsive user interfaces, enhancing the overall user experience.

    Working closely with the back-end and security teams ensured a cohesive and well-integrated system that met the bank’s specific requirements while adhering to strict data security protocols.

    Chiron’s expertise in DevOps practices facilitated efficient and reliable deployments, allowing for rapid updates and continuous improvement throughout the project’s duration.

    Through this technical implementation, Truist bank successfully transformed its digital ecosystem, providing customers with a more intuitive, secure, and feature-rich online banking experience. The collaborative efforts and technical excellence of Chiron’s team contributed significantly to the project’s success and its positive impact on Truist bank and its users.

Project Snapshots

Below you can find some of the examples of developed screens during the project

  • Privacy Portal Main page for preferences
    Privacy Portal Main page for preferences
  • Privacy Portal forms and information entry
    Privacy Portal forms and information entry
  • Privacy Portal switches and options
    Privacy Portal switches and options
  • Privacy Portal data upload module
    Privacy Portal data upload module
  • slide
  • slide
  • slide
  • slide
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