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Intranet Portal For CyberPower

There is always a point when the company becomes big enough that it is hard to keep everything organized. That’s why an Intranet portal is always a great solution for every company: all information can be found in one place; employees can get answers to most of the questions there instead of asking somebody; better-organized file storage with the right permissions are a few features provided by Intranets.

To complete the project for CyberPowerwe chose the SharePoint online platform and used Modern UI and SharePoint framework to provide a desired solution.

  • 14+

    Consolidated forms into a single location, providing a centralized repository for all forms

  • 4X

    Improved access to company news and updates through a news slider on the home page, ensuring employees stay up to date with the latest information

  • 60%

    Reduced time spent on finding information and activities through process automation, streamlining access to critical resources and tasks

  • This project involved the implementation of various functionalities to enhance communication and engagement within the organization's Intranet portal.

    Key features included a News Slider for quick updates, integration of a Twitter feed, a section for the Latest News, and a Weather Web-Part for real-time weather information. These functionalities were developed using JavaScript, open-source libraries, and SharePoint’s REST API, providing employees with a centralized platform to stay informed and connected with the latest company updates and information.

  • The organization faced the challenge of lacking a dedicated intranet portal, resulting in scattered links and information across different platforms.

    Employees struggled to stay updated on news and access important documentation from various departments such as IT and HR. The project aimed to address this problem by developing a comprehensive intranet portal, providing employees with a centralized platform to access all relevant links, stay informed with news updates, and easily retrieve documentation from different departments, enhancing communication and productivity within the organization.

  • We implemented a comprehensive solution by building an intranet portal specifically designed for the US office.

    The portal featured custom pages and a suite of tailor-made web parts, including a News Slider, Twitter Feed, Latest News section, and a Weather Web-Part, among others. Additionally, we established dedicated sites for various departments such as HR, IT, Finance, enabling seamless access to department-specific information and resources. To streamline processes, we developed user-friendly forms for easy requests of office supplies, business cards, and other necessities, enhancing efficiency and productivity within the organization.

  • Implemented solution utilizing JavaScript and TypeScript for front-end development.

    • Utilized SharePoint lists and libraries as the back-end infrastructure.
    • Developed SPFx solutions that were packaged and deployed in the app catalog.
    • Created custom web parts to enhance functionality and user experience.
    • Leveraged SharePoint’s capabilities to ensure a robust and tailored solution for the organization’s specific needs.
  • It was a pleasure working alongside Chiron on several projects.

    Chiron continually showcased its expertise by delivering functionalities with remarkable promptness and efficiency. The rapid response times and steadfast dedication to meeting deadlines were genuinely commendable. Furthermore, Chiron’s significant contributions to customer engagement and their assistance in documentation proved to be invaluable for our project’s success. Without a doubt, Chiron would bring significant value to any team or project he becomes part of.

Project Snapshots

Below you can find a selection of user-friendly web parts and forms that we have developed as part of this project.

  • Home page
    Home page
  • HR page
    HR page
  • Office Supply request form
    Office Supply request form
  • IT Ticket Submission form
    IT Ticket Submission form
  • Business Card request form
    Business Card request form
  • slide
  • slide
  • slide
  • slide
  • slide
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