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Learning Portal for new-hires

Chiron served as a key implementation partner for Visa’s Data Science department, providing support and expertise to address their specific needs. As a trusted partner, Chiron collaborated with Visa’s USA West Coast headquarters to deliver effective solutions that aligned with their goals and requirements.

  • 3X+

    Increase in efficiency, streamlining the onboarding process for new data science engineers at Visa

  • 250%+

    Improvement in onboarding speed and clarity with the centralized tracking of onboarding tasks and assigned activities

  • 3X

    Easier for new data science engineers to find and access the resources they needed, reducing time wasted searching across multiple environments.

  • The goal was to create a unified portal on the SharePoint Online platform to streamline the onboarding process and provide a central point for tracking tasks and assigned activities.

    Chiron collaborated with Visa’s USA West Coast headquarters to address the challenge of simplifying the onboarding experience for new data science engineers.  Chiron developed wireframes based on Visa’s brand book and implemented the designs on the SharePoint Site, ensuring a user-friendly and visually appealing interface. Additionally, Chiron developed PowerApps to enable users to track their progress, tasks, and training, while providing convenient links to various platforms from one centralized location.

  • Visa faced challenges in simplifying the onboarding experience for new data science engineers.

    Despite having the necessary materials, they were scattered across multiple environments and platforms, making it difficult for new team members to navigate the onboarding process. Determining where to start, which training to complete, access requests and equipment requirements posed a significant hurdle. To address this issue, Visa recognized the potential of its existing SharePoint Online environment and sought Chiron’s expertise to develop a unified portal. This portal aimed to provide a centralized location for tracking onboarding tasks and activities, consolidate information, and offer a tailored experience based on the organization the new hires were joining.

  • To enhance the onboarding experience, Chiron conducted numerous training and feedback sessions with thought leaders and end-users.

    Chiron’s team worked closely with Visa to develop wireframes based on Visa’s brand book, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing design. These designs were then implemented on the SharePoint Site, creating a user-friendly interface. In addition, a site structure was developed to cater to the unique audience, providing both generic information and content specific to the organization the new hires were joining.

    As a result, it was decided to incorporate planner tools developed in PowerApps, enabling users to track their progress, tasks, and training in a streamlined manner. Furthermore, the developed solution offered links to various platforms from one central location, ensuring easy access to the necessary resources.

    By implementing the new unified portal on SharePoint, Visa was able to provide a centralized hub for new data science engineers, simplifying the onboarding process and improving their overall experience.

  • The implementation combined the use of SharePoint Online, lists and libraries, Adobe Cloud, SharePoint pages, Power Platform, and Power Apps to create a robust and user-friendly onboarding solution for Visa's data science engineers.

    • Platform: SharePoint Online was used as the foundation for the solution.
    • Content Organization: Lists and libraries were utilized to organize and store the onboarding materials.
    • Document Management: Integration with Adobe Cloud enhanced the document management capabilities.
    • User Interface: SharePoint pages were created to provide a user-friendly interface for accessing and navigating the onboarding materials.
    • Custom Functionalities: Power Platform, including Power Apps, was employed to develop custom functionalities such as tracking progress, tasks, and training.
    • Navigation: The site’s navigation was configured and customized to ensure seamless navigation between different sections and resources.
  • As you wrap up your work on the DS onboarding SharePoint site, I want to give you a huge THANK YOU!

    You have been an incredible partner to Visa University. Your professionalism and team spirit was beyond what we could have hoped for and your technical expertise is rock star status.

Project Snapshots

Below you can find some of the examples of completed work. You can get an idea of developed Design, Layout, customization and custom functional from it. Main goal was to provide Visa with the branded portal and users with unified portal and experience where they can track all of their onboarding tasks

  • Home Page
    Home Page
  • Day activities
    Day activities
  • Support materials and documentation
    Support materials and documentation
  • New Hires info and Blog section
    New Hires info and Blog section
  • Planner tool – cards view
    Planner tool – cards view
  • Planner tool – list view
    Planner tool – list view
  • slide
  • slide
  • slide
  • slide
  • slide
  • slide
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